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Customer Testimonials For VST Platinum - Julian
Mind Blogging & Unbelievable Content In This Package ! "



The Plugins arrived two days ago & Man! I can't believe all the Plugins that are on this disk!I don't know how you've done it, why you've done it, etc...BUT I'M GLAD YOU HAVE MY FRIEND!!!


The amount of Information on this single disk is amazing.If someone is just starting out with Computer Recording GRAB THIS NOW WITH BOTH HANDS!


The amount of stand alone Synths is mind boggling. The Mastering tools are unbelievable.It would take months to surf the Internet to find all this stuff, & when I opened the Disk 'Boom"! It was all there.


Send me the updates & I'll spread the Gospel about Greg Hoffman & VST Platinum. As a matter of fact, since I placed the order back at the end of February, I've told several people about your product & we are all just BLOWN AWAY!


Thank you Greg! Keep up the wonderful work!

Troy L. Lashbrooks
Lashbrooks Productions Inc.


Customer Testimonials For VST Platinum - Leonard " My First Audio Production And In Less Than 10 Minutes."

" Greg, I think this DVD set is the best investment I've made in a long time. I really had a hard time coming up with effects that suit my style, but VST Platinum makes doing so way easy.


Far and away the best home audio related product I've ever bought and I've tried a few. What a blessing to find such a tool. "

Leonard Poulsen
Englewood, CO

Curtis Testimonial for VST Platinum"The Best Investment I've Ever Made As A Music Producer"

"I have to be honest with you, at first I was skeptical.
But after recieving the discs in the mail, I quickly realised what I've been missing out.


The level of detail and quality of the plugins and samplers now shows me why this is, hands down the easiest way to create and produce professional audio at the comfort of your home.


This is the best investment I've made as a music producer in a long time.


Oh ya ... the 4000 sound effects bonus kick ... BUTT! Thanks again for your wonderful work and most of all for sharing your work in such a generous way

Curtis Leroy
Winnipeg, MB


Customer Testimonials For VST Platinum - Julian
Amazing... VST Platinum Makes It Possible For Me To
Think Like A "Studio Pro"

Greg, I am a relatively "newbie" to home computer music having just discovered Cubase SX. However, "VST Platinum" makes it possible for me to think like an studio engineer. Great Product.


Thank you so much for making music production an enjoyable experience instead of one of total frustration.

If you enjoy creating music, you can’t go wrong with this. This is, by far, the largest and most comprehensive collection I've ever seen.

Julian Lehner
Clearwater, FL

Bradley Testimonial for VST Platinum" If you're on the fence,
get this right now ! "


VST Platinum combines the best of all the other products into a single push button solution.

I am new to making music, but I found this package to be excellent. Before I purchased this, I read a lot of e-books and downloaded a lot of software but became more confused.


Using VST Platinum has made my job so much easier with a full list of over 1700 plugins and 4000 effects.


All I can say is ths: If you're on the fence, get this right now! You won't regret it.

Bradley Foster
Hackensack, NJ


Clarence Testimonial for VSTPlatinum
" If You A Music Enthusiast, Don't Walk.
Run & Pick This Up "

" There are a lot of good reasons to buy Greg's product. But the thing that really jumped out at me is the range of full stack audio plugins and sound effects. That is what completely sold me. It is the finest collection I've ever come across.


If you're a music enthusiast... get this product. Don't and pick this up before Greg comes to his senses and stops selling this. No ifs, no ands, no buts. Just get it.

Clarence Reed
London, UK


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