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Most questions and concerns are already covered in the main page but here are some of the most commonly asked questions that came in...


Question : What are the licenses for these plugins and software?


You have no license restrictions when you purchase the plugins and software from VSTPlatinum. That means you can record/create your own music and sell/distribute them without restrictions. You cannot however sell or distribute the VSTPlatinum plugins package "as-is" without prior modification.

Question : Do you ship worldwide?


Yes, we ship to any part of the world for a flat rate fee of $5.00. This is already included as a total price for your order. Please see pages on Shipping and Handling for more details.



Question : How secure is my order?

Your order is safe because this online transaction is 100% protected using a secure server. All information sent to "PayPal" is encrypted (using strong 128-bit encryption, sealed with Verisign) and is not disclosed to anyone, including myself. You do NOT require a PayPal account to purchase this. All major credit cards are accepted

Question : I live outside of the US. Will I be charged in US dollars or my country's currency?

When your order is processed, the banks will automatically determine your country's conversion rate against the price of the book in US dollar

Question : Can I pay by money order or check?

I apologize but we only accept credit cards or PayPal payments. This is to ensure that you'll get immediate shipment without the need to wait for cheques or money orders to clear or worrying about whether the payment is lost in the mail.


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